Siimpledesign founder Martin, guy who felt that any type of timber, regardless of the source, had a destiny. Every piece of wood has a potential to be turned into magic.  While studying abroad in Sweden, he visited one of the most renowned wood work studios. The personalised dedication that was showed to the raw material inspired him to enhance natural materials into a bespoke form of lighting.


Loving the timber, aiming at perfection...
keep trying until you feel you've reached it.

That's what we do.

We keep thinking it is all about contradictions which are able to find the core they have in common. It's all about the substance which in theory shouldn't be combined together and last years. But it does.  
It's about simple drawings which turn out to be sophisticated products worked out to the detail...

"Detail is not a detail. It makes a product."

If you can design and make something made out of 87 pieces in your early years as a designer, it is just a beauty of simplifying, which you endeavour, with every breath, when you get older. The beauty of simplifying and improving to perfection is what keeps inspiring us.
With love, still simplifying to perfection. As much as we possibly can.
Inspire us and get inspired! 

Martin & Justyna
Siimpledesign team